C-3 February

C-3 February


sofa, cot, armchair, knitting, coffee table, vases, cupcakes, cups, piano, photos, windows, toys, fireplace, cigarettes, music stand, matches, ashtray, paints, violin, dog biscuits, newspaper, suitcases
Ashtray, cigarettes, matches, easel, paints, collar, dog lead, dog bowl, (packet of) dog biscuits, music stand, violin, books, suitcases, knitting, cot, children’s toys, babies’ toys.
fridge, table, chair, cupboard, cup, saucer, jug, teapot, milk bottle, sink, cooker, pan, cardboard box, toaster, kettle, floor.
Parts of the body: hands, toes stomach, ears, nose, eyes, knees, elbows, feet, tongue, head, mouth
Game actions and expressions: say, miss, pat, rub, go, close, move, change,


There is/isn’t…There are/aren’t…
There isn’t a sofa. There aren’t any toys.
There are lots of cups.
There aren’t any matches.

Is there/Are there?
Is there a chair? Is there any sugar?
Are there any toys?
Are there any biscuits/Are there a lot of biscuits?