C-3 October

  1. Prepositions of place/household furniture
  2. Describing objects
  3. Describing actions (going to work)


Where?s my ? / Where are my ?

It?s / They?re in / on / under / on top of / near / next to / in front of / behind

What?s it like? It?s ? (round, square)

It?s made of ?

It?s got ?

Where do you/ does he you/live?

I live/work in/at ?

How do you/does he/get to work/get home?


Radio, pipe, glasses, cushion, paper, umbrella, record, book, glass, socks, football, comb, handbag, pen, cigarettes, gloves, hairbrush, hat, teapot, knitting, cup, shopping basket, slippers, purse; TV, carpet, fireplace, mantelpiece, sofa, armchair, table, chair, waste-paper basket, wall, bookcase, lamp; in, on, under, on top of, near, next to, in front of, behind, to the right/left of

Round, square, long, short, big, small, oval, rectangular, tall, wide, narrow; plain, striped, spotted, flowery, checked, made of paper/string/leather/straw/wool/cloth; with round handles/ a feather/flowers/a ribbon

North, south, east, west, bicycle, train, bus, taxi, motorcycle, car, factory, restaurant, garage, bank, library, office, hospital, shoe shop, chemist, café, school, hotel, post office, supermarket, hairdresser?s