C-3 November

  1. Talking about habits and daily routines
  2. Talking about hobbies
  3. Describing ongoing activities


Do you ?
When do you ??
I ? early/late in the morning/in the evening/every day

How often do you ??
? once/twice a day/week/month/year
? every day/morning/afternoon/evening
? at weekends
? on Sundays/ Wednesday evenings
In the afternoons, mornings, evenings
At weekends
In the summer/winter

What?s happening in ??
What?s ? doing?
What are ? and ? doing? (They?re watching TV).
He/she?s ?ing (She?s taking a bath upstairs).
They?re ?ing (They?re having a party).


smoke, drink, get up, go to bed, read, watch (TV), play (the violin, guitar, trumpet), like, clean, invite, give, love, eat, wash up, spend (time), cook, give up, go out, practice, work, sleep, belong to, type, write; tidy, untidy, busy, active, heavy smoker, social life, alone, diet.
Often, never, a lot, early, late, not much, etc.
Exercise, cycling, golf, riding, tennis, swimming, walking, climbing, skiing, flying, diving, painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, photography, parachuting, dancing, cooking, sewing, knitting, woodwork, piano, violin, listening to records, the radio, reaching, watching tv, writing letters, fishing, yoga, gardening;
Like, go, play, practice, listen, paint, draw, do, want, cook, sew, knit, try, read, watch
Have/taking (a bath/shower/tea/a party), answer (the phone), dry (the dishes), clean (teeth), cook, cry, play (the guitar), watch TV, write (letters), sleep, make tea/beds), eat, drink, do the washing up, fight, paint (the house/a picture), read, dance, type, yawn, get up, play, fish, do (homework), study.