C-3 March


Present simple: Birds lay eggs. Tigers have stripes.
I go swimming on Sundays.
Present simple questions: Do I/you/we/they like, Does he/she/it like.
Yes, I do. No I don’t.
Present simple questions with do and does:
Where do I/you/we/they live?
Where does he/she/it live?
Use of Some and any: some pills, any batteries, I have some money, Would you like some money? Can you give me some money? I haven’t got any money? Have you got any money? I haven’t got any shampoo. Have you got any?


Places, things, activities: ice cream, football, cat, dog, glasses, club, theatre, bicycle, tea, tennis, chess, stamps, guitar, piano, languages, office, chocolate, car, jogging
Activity Verbs: play, watch, go (clubbing, to the theatre), get up, ride )a bicycle), collect, speak, work, drive.
Like, enjoy, have, wear.
Animals: elephant, tiger, horse, owl, giraffe, camel, frogs, hedghog, turtle, bees, hamsters, birds, geese, polar bears, penguins
Misc: India, Africa, hay, grass, leaf/leaves, trees, water, hole, beack, honey, food, spring, autumn, reach, store, catch, role (into a ball), dark.
Holiday Necessities: film, suncream, insect repellent, money, plasters, batteries, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, travel pills, aspirin, tissues.