C-3 April

C-3 April

FREQUENCY ADVERBS (game 27 – Elementary Grammar Games)

VOCABULARY (adverbs of frequency): always, often, frequently, usually, sometimes, occasionally, rarely, never, every day, once a week, twice a week, on Sundays
VOCABULARY (family): brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbors, boss, teacher, children, politicians, babies, people, group, British, dogs, sheep cat.
VOCABULARY (activities): theatre, ballet, orchestra, church, Italian lessons, violin, skating, birdwatching, parachuting, hiking, canoeing, yoga, football, boxing, art, cookery, philosophy, astronomy, clinic, sewing, finance, climbing, birdwatching, swimming, hiking, go to a class, to church, to the clinic, to the hairdresser, to orchestra practice, to the ballet, to the theatre, do astronomy, yoga, play football, tennis

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: affirmative and negative (game 28)

GRAMMAR: I’m reading, She’s watching TV, He’s feeling sad. I’m not, You’re not, You aren’t, he’s not, He isn’t, She’s not, She isn’t, We’re not, We aren’t, They’re not, They aren’t.
VOCABULARY (actions and feelings): arriving, feeling, trying, practicing, having, learning, enjoying, playing, burying


GRAMMAR: Are you dancing? Am I dancing? Is she dancing? Are they dancing? He isn’t dancing. They aren’t dancing.
VOCABULARY (activities): dancing, running, jumping, kicking, drinking, typing, singing, climbing, ironing, cooking, washing up, riding, driving, eating, writing, playing, painting, sleeping, shopping, watching, reading, fighting, skating, repairing

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: yes/no questions] (game 30)

GRAMMAR: What are you looking at? What is she playing? What are they eating? Where are they going? When is he coming?
VOCABULARY (actions): crying, smiling, looking, talking, running, thinking, buying, writing, cooking, standing, screaming, going
watch, see, catch, dreaming, trying, film, hot-air balloon, bus, flowers, fried eggs, cupboard, ghost